Tin Hut BBQ


We are happy to announce the opening of Tin Hut BBQ in July 2012.

Tin Hut BBQ serves some of the best Smoked BBQ available in Hawaii.

Our Rubs and BBQ Sauce products are the result of many years of research and development.  The signature rubs and sauces we use are market tested and proven and will soon be available to the general public.

Our Signature rubs are made with spices imported from various countries through out the world.  Using high quality ingredients imported from around the world, we season our meats with the proper mixture allowing the spices to infuse deep into the meat by letting it marinate overnight.

Our meats are carefully chosen and inspected by our Pitmaster who takes great care in ensuring that only the choice or prime meats are used.  After the selection process is complete, and the meat is seasoned, our crew slowly smokes the meat for many hours producing the most flavorful BBQ you’ve ever tasted. Topped with Tin Hut’s BBQ sauces you’ll be coming back for more!

We are proud to bring the Savory Smoked Flavored BBQ Style to the Island and know that you will enjoy your visit to Tin Hut BBQ.


We look forward to serving you!


Tin Hut BBQ – Hawaii